EHCA Community Meeting Minutes

July 7, 2020

The annual community meeting was held outside in the cul-de-sac and was called to order by Vice-President Juanita Balenger at 7:32 p.m.

Juanita reported that President Richard Pollick and his wife moved at the end of May to North Carolina. Juanita has been filling in for Richard.

Secretary’s report: Linda Velazquez read the minutes and they were approved.

Treasurer’s Report: $88,408.00

New Business

Linda gave the report on rodent control. It seems that the last two inspections found that each box had shown activity from rodents. Recently Linda and Sharon inspected the back yards for trash or other things that could be drawing rats. The backyards were, for the most part, kept up very well. Many residents are growing a garden this year.

Stephen Powell commented that he had to remove a bird from a sticky glue trap put out for mice. These traps are for indoors only.

Member-at-Large Richard Fox commented that trash bags should be put out with ammonia in them because it keeps the animals from ripping open the bags. He also said that the trash and recycling are being put out on the wrong days. He has also seen a number of foxes in the neighborhood lately.

Chris Gammon said that the cans are not being taken in after trash is picked up.

Richard Fox said that each can should have a number written on it.

Richard Fox pointed out that the property values are going up in the neighborhood. The last three houses sold for $475K, $476K, and $485K. The current one is listed for $469K.

Juanita Balenger thanked the following people for their contribution to the neighborhood over the past year:

Juanita said that there have been some vehicle break-ins in the surrounding neighborhoods and recently in our neighborhood. Everyone should be sure their cars are locked every night. Also, they should keep their back gates locked.

Chris Gammon said that people are speeding through the neighborhood. He said he almost hit an Amazon truck head on one day.

Gene Velazquez reminded everyone that there had been a fatal hit and run at the front entrance to the neighborhood a few years ago. Also, he said that people double park in front of 4300 Greenberry on Evergreen Lane.

Juanita said that we have “No Solicitation” signs at the front of the neighborhood, but people still come through the neighborhood soliciting. They will say they are doing work on one house in the neighborhood.

Betty said that there is a lot of traffic now on Evergreen Lane and you have to be very careful entering or leaving the neighborhood.

Betty counted the ballots. There were 21 ballots submitted out of 65 houses. The following Board members were elected:

Gene encouraged others in the neighborhood to get involved.

Juanita said that maybe when the Covid19 is over, we can have our potluck picnic that we used to have. She also said that the Board welcomes ideas about neighborhood improvements and general input.

Toni Fisher thanked everyone for wearing a mask to the meeting. Then Linda pointed out that Toni and Alex are emergency room nurses and heavily involved in the pandemic first line response. They got a round of applause.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:21pm.

Evergreen Heights 2020 Community Meeting