Board of Director’s Meeting Minutes

September 25, 2018

The meeting of the Board of Directors was convened at the home of Sharon Kash at 7:30 p.m. Those in attendance were Richard Pollick, Juanita Balenger, Sharon Kash, Linda Velazquez, and Richard Fox.

The minutes from the prior meeting were read. A vote was taken to amend the minutes. The vote passed. The amended minutes will be posted on the web page.

Treasurer’s Report: $87,505.27

New Business

Richard Pollick and Richard Fox met with the contractor with regard to the grading of the field to stop the water pooling on the sidewalk in front of 4360. Three contractors were contacted. The first one never responded. The second one would not provide a written quote. The third one did give a cost. The third contractor was selected to do the job. The cost of the excavation was $3,800.

Richard Pollick did say that a county inspector came out to look at the site and then spoke to Richard later by phone. The drainage system is now working according to the plan. There is, however, no guarantee that this will solve the problem. Time will tell.

Sharon had called a landscaping company about a possible solution, but they didn’t have one.

Richard Pollick advised the board that Sharon Kash’s house will no longer be available for board meetings. Linda will schedule a room at the Mason District Library or the Mason District Government Center. All meetings will be held there on the last Tuesday of each month.

Richard Fox said that after a good rain there is a lot of mud in his parking space even though there is a drain under the curb. Richard Pollick thinks this is from water flowing downhill from the field. Perhaps this new drainage solution will help with this.

Juanita contacted Debbie Smith from the Mason District about trash regulations. They suggested we start by getting a flyer from the trash company about what items get recycled by the County. Otherwise if people are putting out trash at the wrong times we can report them to the Fairfax County Health Department. Sharon will get the brochure and Linda will email it.

One of the neighbors spoke to Richard Pollick about the mud collecting on the sidewalks along the back yards of the houses backing up to High Place. Linda will meet with them to find out exactly what is happening and what their expectations are for a solution.

Linda raised concerns as to why the excavation project was not budgeted for or approved in advance.

Sidewalks were repaired throughout the neighborhood. The cost of repair was $12,000. The ones which were a trip hazard and where water was ponding were repaired. A total of 80 4X4 blocks were replaced.

While the repairs were underway an additional 15 blocks were discovered. The project was only budgeted for $12,000 for this fiscal year. The additional repairs will cost $2000. A motion was made to allocate an additional $2,000 from the reserves. The vote passed 4 to 1.

Richard Pollick said that the neighborhood inspections were completed, and the reports were sent out. The contract comes up for renewal with our architectural inspection company. Richard asked if they will keep us as an account if we do the inspections every two years. The Board will discuss this at the next meeting.

Richard Pollick says that the sidewalks throughout the neighborhood need to be power washed. This presents an issue because we will need to use homeowners water. Sharon will get pricing and we will discuss this at the next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:20 p.m.