Board of Director’s Meeting Minutes

February 19, 2019

The meeting was convened at the George Mason Regional Library at 7:30 p.m. Those in attendance were Richard Pollick, Juanita Balenger, Sharon Kash, Linda Velazquez, and Richard Fox.

Treasurer’s Report: $80,513.62

New Business

Richard Pollick posed the question to the group about whether to stick with our current trash company or switch to a new one. There had been a number of collections that were very late pickups or missed entirely. The company we use now has had a change in the management. After a discussion the board decided to continue with the company we are currently using. The problems with the change in management seem to have been resolved.

The Board also had a discussion about the trash being put out at the wrong times, and trash that is not bagged correctly and therefore is torn apart by animals and scattered around. There was a discussion about consolidating the trash pickup spots to three locations within the neighborhood. Linda suggested putting it all out on Evergreen Lane but will have to check with Penny Gross to see if that is possible.

There was another brick wall that has collapsed behind a resident’s house. The resident was advised to have it removed and rebuilt very soon.

There was discussion about future sidewalk repair. It was suggested that in the future we replace entire strips at a time so the cement will match, and all the blocks will be uniformly even. Sharon is going to get prices so that this can be written into future budgets for sidewalk repairs. erhaps the sidewalk behind the houses that back up to High Place can be slightly elevated to avoid mud running off onto them.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 p.m.